Daily Wellness Subscription ( 6 Jars / week )

Daily Wellness Plan
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Nestma's Daily Wellness Subscription is designed for people who want to make overall wellness a part of their everyday routine. Each jar of Nestma's premium birds nest contain highly nourishing nutrients that can help strengthen your body's immune system, brain function and help improve cell regeneration resulting in beautiful radiant skin, hair and nails.

With Nestma's Daily Wellness Subscription, you'll receive 6 jars of freshly double-boiled premium birds nest a week to ensure your health and wellness goals are taken care of.

With a jar of Nestma's premium bird's nest available for you each day, you can consume it before going to work, after you finished your yoga class or even share it with your loved ones! 

  • Contain highly nourishing nutrients to restore health and balance to the body
  • Enhance cell regeneration for body and skin
  • Improve immune function against sickness
  • Superb gift experience, beautifully packaged - smiles guaranteed
  • Effortless, no preparation and cooking required

  • Monthly option - 100ml x 24 Jars + Free 1 Jar
  • Quarterly option - 100ml x 72 Jars + Free 9 Jars
  • Half Yearly option - 100ml x 144 Jars + Free 23 Jars

  • 100ml x 6 Jars per week
  • 100% Premium quality bird's nest
  • Freshly double-boiled and prepared on your day of delivery
  • Variety of nutritious flavours including Rock Sugar, Goji Berry, Ginseng, and Rose
  • No preservatives, stabilisers, or artificial flavours
  • Risk-free money back guarantee
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically harvested

 Consumption Directions:

  • Recommended to keep refrigerated and consume within 14 days.
  • Shake well before consuming
  • Don't forget to take a picture/video of your experience and tag us! @nestmasg
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